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New Year, New Strategy

Setting resolutions and goals for the new year doesn’t have to stop with your new gym membership! Take this time of renewal to update your marketing strategy for 2022. Don’t worry, we aren’t implying you need to scrap your entire existing strategy, but even the finest silver needs a polish now and then. Not sure where to start? Here are our suggestions to maximize your digital marketing efforts this year.

Take a Step Back

Before you change your strategy, take a step back and evaluate what worked last year and, perhaps more importantly, what didn’t. The numbers don’t lie, so use them to your advantage. We love gathering data from automated sources such as Google Analytics and our social media scheduler to make this process as efficient as possible. As you collect the strategies and campaigns that worked for your company in 2021, keep in mind that the digital marketing landscape is changing constantly, so you still may need to tweak your tactics to stay up to date.

This is also a great opportunity to list out the past year’s marketing efforts and identify any opportunities for new channels in the coming year. Additionally, there may be places where you can scale back. For example, are you creating an abundance of content but not strategically promoting and repurposing it? Consider toning down your content creation while you optimize your promotion strategy.

Stay Up To Date with Competitors

Who couldn’t use a bit of inspiration now and then? Checking in on your competitors allows you to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and improve your own strategy, as well as recognize areas your brand can stand out. If you’ve never analyzed your competitors, start by identifying them! Once you’ve nailed them down, there are a few areas within their digital marketing you can explore, from their content to SEO.

Discover New Trends

As we mentioned before, the digital marketing landscape can be erratic, and is constantly changing. Staying up to date with the latest trends, especially in your industry, is the key to success. A trend that’s risen in recent years and continues to become a cornerstone of marketing is video. Wyzowl reported earlier this year that 84% of consumers said watching a brand’s video is the reason they were convinced to make a purchase or subscribe to a service. Take the time to research what is predicted to make an impact this next year and how your company can put their own twist on it.

And Repurpose the Content You Can

In addition to finding new trends to conquer, use what you can from the past! Take key pieces of content from your 2021 audit and rework them into something new for your audience. Take your most popular blog post and turn it into a series of social media posts, or take multiple short forms of content you produced and compile them into an e-book. By ensuring each piece of content you create is utilized on as many channels as possible, you’ll save yourself tons of time and make the most of all of your marketing efforts.

Create Your 2022 Plan

Now that you have a variety of strategies under your belt to better optimize your marketing strategy for the new year, put a plan in place! Identify the channels you’ll operate on, major goals for the year, and any specific strategies you wish to implement. Still feeling overwhelmed? We’re here for you! Contact us for help with your new marketing plan, including an audit of your previous marketing efforts and ways we can help you thrive in the new year.


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