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How Can Blogging Benefit Your Small Business?

With short video taking over social media - and seemingly the entire digital landscape - blogs can feel like a prehistoric form of content. However, having a blog on your website comes with many benefits. Each blog post you add to your website gives search engines another page to crawl, expanding your digital footprint and search-ability. Staying up to date with trends is essential for a small business, but going back to basics with tactics like blog-writing is just as beneficial!

Blogs keep your website fresh

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website only to find it hasn’t been updated in weeks, months, or worst of all, years! Potential customers are looking for up-to-date information and updates from your company, and blogs are one of the easiest ways to provide this. Larger companies may post blogs multiple times a week or daily, but if your team is on the smaller side, even weekly posts can keep your website from feeling stale.

Blogs help your SEO

Blogging is a great tool to optimize your search engine optimization, or SEO. Firstly, it’s a great way to increase your website’s find-ability on search engines. Adding new pages with new keywords only increases the search queries that potential customers can find you through. Additionally, having fresh content doesn’t only appeal to your customers. Google values new, relevant, and up-to-date content as well. Each blog is another chance to be ranked higher. Lastly, companies with blogs receive 97% more inbound links from other websites, improving your traffic, search reputation, and lead flow!

Interested in learning more about SEO? Head over to our SEO for Beginners blog!

Blogs identify you as a thought leader

No matter the industry, what company doesn’t want to be thought of as an expert or thought leader? A short cut to landing such a reputation is publishing blogs that help your audience solve problems relevant to your business, or teach them something new. Ensuring your blogs are value-adding is an additional way to work yourself up as an expert. 68% of surveyed bloggers agreed that blogs help add credibility to a website.

Blogs are easy to repurpose

As Bill Gates said, “content is king.” As a small business, it can often feel challenging to keep up with the ever-growing demand for content. Repurposing content is an easy way to tackle this trouble! After spending the time to write a blog you can then make social media posts out of this content, podcasts on the same topic, videos, online courses - the possibilities are endless! Repurposing content not only maximizes your time and effort, but also reinforces your message and allows you to reach new audiences.

Blogs achieve results long after you write them

One of the greatest benefits of blogs is their ability to attract leads well into the future. HubSpot reports that over three-quarters of their blog views are from older posts, and those old posts help collect over 90% of their leads! While adding new posts to your blog is important for freshness and SEO purposes, your old posts are working just as hard for you. Additionally, editing old blogs to add new or updated data or links refreshes them just enough to attract new eyes.

These are just a few ways that blogs can increase your website’s traffic, SEO optimization, and generate your business leads. While they may not be as flashy as TikTok trends, they are a valuable tool in your digital marketing strategy. Still feeling overwhelmed with the thought of putting pen to paper multiple times a month? Book a free consultation call with Honey & Hive to see how we can optimize your digital marketing efforts today.


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