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Debunking the Best Time to Post on Social Media

Various social media experts have claimed to ‘crack the code’ regarding the best times to post on social media. While they claim there is one universally optimized time to post on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels, our research shows otherwise. So what is the best time to post? Keep reading!

Firstly, take a step back and think about who you’re posting content for: your audience! Posting when your audience is most active gives your content a better chance to reach more people. For example, if your page is targeting young professionals, posting mid-morning when they will be busy with work probably won’t be as effective as around lunch when they’ll take a break.

Secondly, the data never lies. Using analytics from both the platforms you’re posting to as well as third party tools is a great way to determine when to publish your social posts. Instagram breaks down your followers’ most active time of day and day of the week within your account’s insights. Social media schedulers, such as Hootsuite, will also provide you with insights on times to post. Contrary to those who say there is one best time to post on each platform, we find the best times to post on our channels can vary by week or month! Checking these analytics often allows you to keep up with your audience’s behavior and post to suit their needs.

Overall, while many general trends can apply to posting on social media, some aspects such as the best time to post are not one size fits all. Use the data these platforms provide to your advantage and tailor your content schedule to your audience, not the universal standard.

Are you feeling as if your posts aren’t reaching your target audience? Get in touch with us to book a free consultation call to see how we can help!


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