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  • Young Han

A Good Marketer is like a Good Barber

If your business is a fire, marketing is your oxygen.

If your business is a fire, marketing is your oxygen.

Having a great marketing team is critical for any entrepreneurial venture, especially ones in early stages. I know this ‘cause I’ve helped scale dozens of companies, started multiple of my own, and continue to do so today. I have a theory that great businesses are not born overnight. They’re built piece by piece with an uncountable number of iterations and tests. In many cases, this leads to a lot of activities and movements which require an understanding from all parties involved that goals and visions will change. In order to be successful, teams must learn together before they can win together.

This is why it is an absolute necessity to find a marketing team that bridges three major components together:

  1. Functional Expertise

  2. Caring and Collaboration

  3. Learner’s Mindset

I’ve known the Honey & Hive team since they started their company one and half years ago. I had the personal pleasure of working with Caitlin for renowned marketer Andy Cunningham at Cunningham Collective. When I found out that Caitlin was following Andy’s path and branching off to start her own business, I was very interested. I’ve always thought that Caitlin possessed incredible grit and work ethic. I was very quick to latch onto her business after meeting her business partner, Kylie. I hired their company to help me market my podcast, The Girl Dad Show, my SaaS business, Pip App, and finally my pool service business, Blue Ocean Pool Service. I loved working with Honey & Hive so much that I started to refer them to my friends and clients. Finding a great marketer is a lot like having a great barber – everyone needs one, but it’s hard to find one that you trust and vibe with. It’s easy with Honey & Hive. They’re great at what they do, they’re continually learning and adapting with you, and they genuinely care about you winning.

From the beginning, I’ve been their customer, and have seen them grow to service almost two dozen clients and expand to a team of four in just a year and a half.

They’ve since helped me scale up my podcast onto multiple channels and platforms, launch an e-commerce line, and grow my user base by 7% MoM. They’ve helped my SaaS business run a dozen tests and customer research projects to best model out our product roadmap. They’ve helped my pool service company get to $60k MRR in its first 8 months of business. On top of all that, they have also helped dozens of other companies – from service companies to tech startups to nonprofits to large associations – grow their digital footprint, brand clarity, advertising, and more. They’re always looking for ways to help their clients win and adapting as required to the needs of the businesses.

It’s with great pride and excitement that Honey & Hive is allowing me to become an investor and advisor into this incredible business. I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with them in building businesses and sharing with my network this incredible team and business.

Let me know if you need a great marketing team to help your startup grow!

- Young Han

Proud member, investor, and advisor of Honey & Hive


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